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In 2018, Cherrelle Duncan created her book club, Read Books Not People, with the Houston Area Urban League. From the moment she held her first meeting, she knew that she would one day open a bookstore. As a public servant, it is important to help to expand literature to those who may not have the access or ability to purchase a book. 


SOA MANY BOOKS is our community program that supplies underserved areas with books and experiences.

1 book is available for every 300 children in low-income areas. By comparison, the homes of their more affluent peers have an average of 12 books per child. We hope to change this and the narrative around young readers.


To achieve this goal, we host a quarterly book drive and collaborate with local nonprofits and schools to identify students and areas of need. We want to help books come alive for young people! With this in mind, we aim to organize memorable experiences with children and authors via virtual readings.

SOA GOOD BOOKCLUB is our partnership program with book clubs for adults, both in-person and online. Similar to SOA MANY BOOKS, we aim to provide access to authors, but more importantly have fun and engaging discussions around books and life. Our book club members are also encouraged to volunteer for our youth initiative! 


We all are managing so much on a daily basis; our book club is here to help support one another and provide a fun atmosphere to discuss literature and its impact on our lives. 

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