Let's Talk About Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and if you are anything like me you likely did not realize this because you have been busy. Life can get overwhelming and while the feeling used to feel episodic, I am finding that has become more constant for those I am closest to (even myself). Sometimes I ask myself, "Girl, why are you doing so much?" to start an internal discussion about priorities. I may also ask myself, "Girl, if you let this go would you even notice?" to start an internal discussion about needs versus desires. Each discussion I have, coupled with mindfulness, puts me in a better position to navigate each aspect of my life.

I will be honest with you all and state that therapy is a part of my life. It is something I started while attending undergrad and kept as I have gone through several stages of adulthood. While it might not be regularly scheduled as in the past, I have come to identify situations and environments that I may need a listening ear to help navigate. I am an advocate and recommend it to everyone including those who don't think they need it.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to recommend a few resources and titles for you all to consider incorporating into your lives. This month, I invite you to join me as I prioritize rest, praying, reading, and walking. See you around.



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